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Virtual tour in simple terms is the walk through of a location using virtual Images. Virtual tour can also use some other elements like, sound effects, music effect and text.

In qualified terms, 360 Virtual Tour is a collection of 360-degree panoramic rotating images, fixed together to create a full, 360° view of a location. High density technology and methods are used to achieve this virtual reality.

Virtual Tour is an effective tool in marketing a brand.

Virtual tour provides a more focused perspective and brings to light details you might not ordinarily notice during the physical inspection, the wide angle perspective which entails a 360-degree panoramic view of the property and gives a more realistic feel as opposed to normal limited angle capturing, the flexibility of the final content; the final content is delivered in online, offline and mobile formats.

  • The online format is for the website
  • The offline format is for physical digital display
  • The mobile format is designed for mobile devices

Virtual tour also saves time; prospective customers can have a first hand view of what they are looking forward to and make up their mind faster.

A Virtual Tour Allows Organizations reach a Larger Customer Base; for example, A Hotel and A School; When people are looking to book a hotel, they often begin their searches on the internet. If a hotel has a well maintained website and a virtual tour link available for all potential lodgers, they will be much more visible in the industry. A School; Parents can efficiently look up the school via the virtual tour and have an idea of the facilities being offered to their wards because It increases the internet visibility of the school, which translates to more prospective students.


Well, A Virtual Tour Allows Organizations reach a Larger Customer Base, more also Virtual content is the best performing and engaging content on the internet, so having a whole and unreduced view of your Organization will set you apart from the competition, now who should use a virtual Tour?

  • Schools
  • Factories
  • Hotels
  • Churches
  • Retail stores
  • Restaurants
  • Travel and tourism industry. And more.

Talk is cheap, but a 360-degree panoramic view of your Organization is worth a thousand words.

There are few technology and design experts in Nigeria who can help you get achieve this and we are so far, one of the best. McOlay concepts international limited is a google trusted agency. We use High density technology and methods to create detailed and high quality Virtual images.

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